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This time of year we need the best products to treat our lawn and pool. Rimesa has a wide range of products with which you can enjoy this summer in the best condition of their facilities and get the most out quickly and at a very affordable price.

Our robot pool has wide acceptance among our customers because while you may be devoting his time to other tasks our robot will clean the pool so you can enjoy it during the summer. We have the possibility of a free trial for you to check the use and efficacy of this robot zodiac brand. Our products for swimming pools as Chlorine, pH regulators , etc. are of CTX and Dosim brands that give the best results in all kinds of waters. We are also official dealers Aquatrols brand which offers the best products on the market to treat the lawn, both for recovery, prevention and daily care. Among them are the most popular products that are Revolution , First or Aqueduct .

Among our range of mowing the lawn mower this summer include Honda , Toro and Lawn Mower Ramsones with outstanding results over the cut of your lawn. And as summer special we have a variety of marker paintings Supaturf lawn brand in various colors. You can find many more products and advice in our shop is open from 8:00 to 20:00 uninterruptedly . Come look uncompromising and get informed of all our products and offers for this summer. We have free parking for our clients.