Interview RIMESA

What is Rimesa and when created?
RIMESA was established in 1988, focusing its core business on the study, design, implementation and maintenance of sprinkler installations for all types of garden, agricultural, Football Fields Golf Courses and areas as well as in the supply of machinery for the maintenance of gardens and agricultural areas.
Today, in addition to pipe network installations in General, sprinkler and drip irrigation, we conducted Facilities Group Pumping Pumping: wastewater, sewage, submersible, centrifugal, vertical, and pool pumps; Garden lighting installation; Installing Electric Panels; Fertigation Equipment Installation; Remote controls, etc.

Currently RIMESA is an established and reputable company that has qualified staff, using the most appropriate aids, held commissions entrusted with professionalism and perfection.

We are also distributors of the most representative brands such as Rain Bird, Honda, Toro, Hunter and Plasson Irrigation; Ideal Pumps, ABS and Grundfos, Franklin Electric and Aqua Master Pumping Equipment; Telemecanique, Siemens, electronic boxes and pumping systems; Pecaixa, Franklin Electric and Schneider Electric lighting systems; CTX, Zodiac and Water Aquatrols products.
RIMESA’s goal is to give customers all the contracted work, the highest quality materials and guarantee the work performed.

Also provide adequate after sales service and maintenance of such works.



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