Sprinkler Irrigation Systems

As specialists in irrigation systems, we design, install and maintain sprinkler irrigation systems for gardens, housing developments, parks, golf courses and private individuals. We also sell the main brands of irrigation and auxiliary material necessary for the installation. With this system, water is applied to the ground in the form of rain, using water emission devices (sprinklers) that generate a jet of water sprayed in droplets. This type of irrigation is mainly used for large lawns.

Advantages of sprinkler irrigation system

  • Limitation of root damage, as the amount of water administered can be controlled.
  • Savings in labour costs. Once the sprinkler irrigation system is installed, it does not need special attention.
  • It adapts to different types of soil, it can be applied to both smooth and undulating terrain.
  • It is one of the most efficient irrigation systems.
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Drip irrigation installation in Malaga and Marbella

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40 years of experience

We have been installing and maintaining irrigation systems for 40 years.

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