Dye lawn sand topdressing

Direction Blue is a liquid dye that it’s used as a marker for grass and its blue color helps to indicate better the areas treated by the product. It provides a temporary colour, disappearing after 48 hours. It´s compatible with other products and its method of application is very easy using specific machinery to spray phytosanitary products. The dose will vary depending on the height of lawn, the colour and volume of the area to be treated.

Green Lawnger is also a long-lasting green liquid dye that provides a healthy and natural tone where we apply it. Its use is recommended at times of the year when the lawn loses its coloration -like the winter months-, in areas affected by illness or to repair holes. The intensity of the green color will depend on the amount of product we used. Once applied, the pigment adheres to the leaves and doesn´t transfer to the skin or clothing. Therefore, this type of product is very useful in golf courses, sports stadiums, football field or public gardens. The dose also varies depending on the height of the lawn, the expected color and the volume of the area treated. In very large areas, it is advisable to make two or more applications of the product until obtaining an uniform color tone.

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