Although RIMESA began his business career in the world of irrigation in March of 1988, its history goes back to 1972 when its founder José Antonio Melero with only 18 years is with three friends Riversa company, a business he forged his first business stage for over 15 years.

It was then (1988) when he launched his most ambitious business project RIMESA, making it a leader in the field of installation and maintenance of irrigation for many years got:

  • Maintain a personnel structure of more than 25 employees on average reaching a staff of 80 professionals at specific times of the construction boom in Spain.
  • Produce works of great importance in Spain and Portugal.
  • Being awarded best Dealers of the largest manufacturing companies in the country.
  • Be present in national and international fairs most prestigious.
  • Receive for more than 10 years advising and training the best professionals in the United States sector.
  • To advise, train and assist Spanish companies specializing in irrigation.
  • Create a large distribution network of the hands of the top brands.
  • Being present in the creation and maintenance of 80% of the golf courses created in Spain between 1976 and 2000.
  • Coping with strength, determination and great decision difficult challenges remain on the market in times of crisis in our country.


To all / as customers, employees and associates who share a slice of your life with RIMESA; Thank you. For many years we have and will continue to rely on our good work, effort and expertise to contribute to nature and their lives a little more happiness.


Jose Antonio Melero
(Founder Rimesa)