Gardening Project

We have our own engineering department. We all kind of projects and services for professional media companies and residential sector.


  • Setup Projects automatic irrigation agricultural residential, public, and sports venues.
  • Electrical installation projects low voltage for all types of pumping units , residential outdoor lighting and public.
  • Plumbing installation projects in fountains, ponds and pools, drinking water , sanitation and rainwater.
  • Calculation of all types of pumps ( submersible, vertical, horizontal, swimming pool, well, sewage, power, pumping, chemicals, etc.), even running through renewable energy.
  • Design and manufacture of switchboards with possibility of sending alarms , status monitoring , etc. by remote control via GSM.
  • Design and manufacture of boilers for pumping shed.
  • Certified low-voltage electrical installations.
  • Certified water facilities.
  • Certificates cleaning and disinfection of tanks, pipes, etc.
  • Water treatment.
  • Maintenance.

Some clients

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