A day to the pages of history Arboretum Marbella.

Arboretum Area 2 today inaugurated the park, dedicated to the conservation of native species and the production of organic food gardens, and edible forest.

All the Arboretum Marbella is designed on permaculture techniques, which has 3 basic principles: care for the earth, care for people and to promote a fair deal.

These urban organic gardens, should be an example of these principles. As itself, the gardens can be a food, educational and social tool.

Each new citizen who cultivated the land to know that in addition to growing vegetables, to cultivate social and ecological consciousness that allows a new culture.

So together we can create a space in our city where sustainability, love and brotherhood, are scattered by the wind, like the scent of orange blossoms in the spring.

Not only of our politicians, building the city where we like to live, it is a responsibility shared by all.

We witness that when one raises coherent ideas, clear and viable projects, support comes from many corners. We can reverse the events and we must do a basic sense of survival.

Step by step, seed to seed and tree to tree, build together a sustainable Marbella.  Today we are taking a step forward, with responsibility and joy in this dream of a better world.