Study, design, implementation and maintenance of:

  • Irrigation piping potable water, wastewater, stormwater, electric, etc., in all types of pipes and diameters. Substations, pumping drinking water and irrigation.
  • Stations sewage treatment plants.
  • Automatic irrigation facilities, lobbies, swimming pool filtration equipment, air conditioning equipment pools, wells, lakes, waterfalls, etc., lighting, parks and gardens.
  • Plumbing, solar panels, ornamental fountains, lakes, etc.
  • Facilities softeners, UV equipment, PH, etc., pumps of all types and powers.
  • All facilities with their local automation equipment, computerized remote control and GSM.
  • Electric motors and control panels, manual, semiautomatic, automatic and computerized.
  • Equipment maintenance for large green areas and gardens.
  • Works building and renovation of all types.

Water treatment and biological chemicals, algae removal, odor and sludge by chemical and biological products. Disinfection of pipe, reservoir, lake, with health certificate.



Over 6,000 m2 store, warehouses, workshops and office serving your business.

More than 30 specialists electricians, bomb technicians, mechanics, plumbers, painters, masons, carpenter locksmith specialists pool maintenance, chlorination equipment and PH. Drivers, crane operators, welders and helpers.

Transport equipment and machinery: truck crane 18 and 30 t truck Cuba 14, 3.5 Tons, small trucks 3.5 Tons, rotating 8-4 and 1.5 Tons, skid steer 6 and 3.5 Tons, telescopic 7 Tns generator 60 kva, compressor 300 L, ½ m3 of concrete, curler 3 and 1 Tons, trench compactor roller 6 Tons, 45 hp sweeper, bulldozer, forklifts 2 Tons, continuous line trenches 35 hp and 100 hp , disc trencher 75 hp kubota and tilt.

Hand machinery: compressors, large 80 mm holes. Up to 400mm, 60 kva generators. 6000, 5000, and 4000 V. small cement mixers, cleaning machines and drain cleaning.



Some projects over the years are:

  • Construction of irrigation channel in Istan (Malaga).
  • Installation of vertical pumps in the tank Gamonal.
  • Acosol fittings pipe foundry in Los Naranjos de Marbella Urb.
  • Aedificat 2002, SA: installation of polyethylene pipe in Avenida Carlos I of Estepona.
  • Club de Golf Finca el Cortesín: Acosol rush.
  • Urbanizadora the Hills, SA installation of automatic irrigation. Project: Hospital of Marbella sector.
  • Cerrado del Aguila, SA: Rush pump house Golf, project, technical, provisional rush, floating suction and air injector.
  • Peninsular Contractors: Installation of drinking water pipeline at various stages in construction and road situated in Montemayor.
  • Consursol, SL: Installation and lobbyist work situated in Estepona.
  • Agrojardín Obras y Proyectos, SL: Installation of automatic irrigation in Urb La Mairena (Ojen).
  • Polo Field Sontogrande – Guadiaro: installing fire and sanitation supply, sewage, pumps and wells booths at the sports complex Los Pinos – Iron Bridge.
  • Urb. Doña Julia (Casares) pumping station, sewage and drainage.
  • Purifying Manilva, pumphouse Cortesín, Doña Julia, Casares Bay and The Duchess.


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