After application of moisturizing products Aquatrols, should we do any type of irrigation to improve product penetration in the ground and not cause burns?

No, no need moisturizer Aquatrols subsequent irrigation of the application. Nor to avoid quedamuras produced by the product or to aid in the penetration of the soil. Only requires that the application is done with the minimum of water that marks the label for each product and watering every night apply to our lawns. Wetting Aquatrols products are those that do not need to post your application irrigation and produce burns.

Can you mix products Aquatrols moisturizers?

Should not be mixed with any product that is not in the compatibility list between us Aquatrols of each product. In no case should be mixed with fertilizers because the power and burn can occur.

I have infiltration problems in areas of the lawn, is there any product to help infiltrate the water faster?

Yes, but depends on the soil where it is applied varies the percolation rate usually one to two applications are sufficient to Fifty90 not forming water retention.


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